Can't Finish Downloads!!!

Hi. I am trying to download Windows NT 4 Workstation but the download stops at 19%. I am using Mozilla FIrefox and the download has to start over. I have tried 5 times today (all eastern) 3:00AM, 4:30AM, 5:00AM, 7:30AM, and 12:00PM. What is going on? IS there any alternate sites? Thanks! and I love your services.
Have a great Saturday!


  • Well, I am a dedicated FireFox user too, on the east coast... because that server IS an FTP server, you CAN just FTP in and get it using a client that has resume.
    Port 4655
    Username: upload
    Password: upload

    Take anything you see while your at it ;)
  • Thanks alot! Now I am getting up to 20% download completed. Am I doing something wrong? Here is what I did:
    1. Start FTP Program
    2. Sign in to the FTP site
    3. Selected Copy file to> and I picked C:\Downloads
    4. Waited.

    Then about lets say 40 mins later, the ftp program says the download couldn't contenue. I am using 1 connection, and I have 56k.

    'BTW. The FTP program has a resume if that helps any.

  • Now this is wierd... I'm going to have to check on that server... if people cant pass 20% then there HAS to be a problem with it... Ill test if on my DSL now.
  • YES IT WORKS!!! (woot) I am currently at 63%! I think it was my FTP program acting weird. Thanks FishNET650! I REALLY Appreciate it! :cool: (bounce)
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