dumb idea

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OK, I got 2 laptop keyboards laying around each with integerated trackpoints. Is there any way to rewire these up to a PS\2 or serial port?

Also I got a 486/25 laptop sitting in the drawal, any chance of taking the ttrackball and doing the same as above?


  • Well when they were connected to the laptop did it say PS\2 101 or 104 keyboard? If so then yea theres a way. Search on google for the pinout.
  • Its not the keyboard I want to use, its the trackpoint. It was detected as a PS\2 mouse.
  • Hmm, try looking up for a pinout of a PS\2 mouse and then do the old trial and error test and go though each wire untill something works. I did that a few times with my laptop monitors I use on a few of my computers.
  • yeah, Those trackpoint mice are pretty cool.

    from the Zenith laptop I used to have. First the backlight and inverter board went, then the internal PSU. Figured the 400M may come in handy. Sitting on the shelf with my 50M, 2 160M, 320M and a 20G full of bad sectors. On the bright side I paid like 10 bucks and it lasted like 6 months, so....kinda good deal =/.
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