The WinBoards New Post Error

edited February 2005 in Site Issues
When you click into a forum to read a post, and then you go back to the index, it shows that you have read all of them, when you have read only one.

It figures that i've found so many issues in the site. I am a beta tester ;)


  • phpBB has several INCREDIBLY IRRITATING bugs with regards to posts/forums read/posted. This is one of them, you'll find the rest before long.

  • I've got 2.0.10 on my site. Never has weird problem like this. But yes, phpbb does have annoying bugs concerning that.
  • Maybe it will be fixed in the upcoming 3.0?
  • Yoshi wrote:
    I've got 2.0.10 on my site.

    UP-grade! Do do dodododo DO do!

  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • It *always* does this to me. I clear my cookies and it still happens.
  • It only happens on WinBoards for me.
  • happens when you chang IPs as well, REALLY annyoing
  • My surfing habit actually prevents that from happening to me.
    I always click the check new posts since last logon, when the page
    opens I right click each new post & choose open in new page, I rarely
    ever use the back button when browsing , even when doing a search
    I always open each link in a new page , It saves time by just closing
    the page when you've read it & not having to reload the previous one..!
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