citymail. server down

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Most of the files on aren't working. Would you check those? I think it's a broken link now.


  • Hmm, when I try and PING, it resolves to, this just me or does someone else get this as a result?

  • same here
  • Errr! OK Jens mother-in-law really screwed something! That or... Is this No-IP @ it again?

  • isnt fish in charge of that server or something?
  • Vaguely, but if something physically goes wrong then it's not like he can fix it. That's why it's been static so long, the FTP died and he can't restart it.

  • ya when i went to i got no ip so i gess ul hav 2 fix that
  • myftp is only part of the domain
  • i cant download nt 3.51 server so its not his problem. you have to ping constantly to keep the download alive.
  • Yea Cyber City's having more and more problems lately. That's why the download section is down BTW, Fish is gonna try and work what he can with CC.

  • Q has NT 3.51 Server on his server if you don't need the whole CD.
  • YES! ITS BACK! I just checked today and it works! Ill fix the downloads page later today!
  • That's good. We should still look into a load balancing script though.
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