Hand me my Rogaine! (was NT 4!)

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I keep trying to download this, since my original LAN idea seems to be mort for the moment, I attempted with the 56K.

Last night.

Couldn't even hit the magic 1ko/sec barrier, only 643 octets, 450 octets, "telecharge mort" and all those things, according to French Netscape 4.7 or so.

I got 18 megabytes of teh file overnight, and then my connexion was interrupted, and the night had gone to waste . :evil:

Now I try avec Opera 7 and keep getting "connxion refuse" or chose like that. Soon I will need to get a bottle of Rogaine to recoup my lost hair!!!

how can I get this file before the night is gone??


  • You're not the only one using the server, this has been a VERY popular update, the server has been reaching it's max connexion limits occasionally.


    PS. Try now.
  • ftp://k6fish.sytes.net
    username: winworld
    password: winworld551

    Please, no connection managers. They just make it go slower. You *MUST* use an FTP client to get in.
  • Yes I finally have it!

    The FTP was far better than the other way, before I could only reach max speed of like .8kb/s, with the FTP I got 2.8!

    I grabbed NT 3.51 WS too just to play around with. I have also gotten NT 3.10 Workstation from Win3x.org forum.

    Does anybody want some screenshots of everything?
  • If you want to get the NT 3.51 SDs that'd be fine. Email WinWorld (winworld @ wwsvr servehttp com) for info.

  • We've got NT WS 4 French!

    It'll be up on the svr in a short while.

  • hey sounds good!
  • You should join the forums! The more people the better! And as of March 4th at 6PM EST, the forum wont be unbearably slow.
  • FYI. You'll have to 'beta-test' the French NT 4 as none of us speak that language so we can't really tell the quality of it.

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