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Hey IBM,
i figure ur the one to talk to about this,
I found a OS/2 CD that i bought last year, i can't tell what ver is on it,
as far as i can tell, its Higher than Ver2.0, is ver2.0 good? maybe its that, it comes with HEAPS of apps and something called "Showcase", its Copywrite 1994.
it has a TXT file with this in,
\smce0004\hobbes\2_x\demos\ Commercial Demos (2.x)
\smce0004\hobbes\2_x\diskutil\ File\directory\disk (2.x)
\smce0004\hobbes\2_x\games\ Games (2.x)
\smce0004\hobbes\all\archiver\ OS/2 compression archive
\smce0004\hobbes\all\demos\ Commercial product demos
\smce0004\hobbes\all\diskutil\ OS/2 disk utilities
\smce0004\hobbes\all\drivers\ Device drivers for OS/2
\smce0004\hobbes\all\editors\ OS/2 text\binary file editors
\smce0004\hobbes\all\educate\ Educational software.
\smce0004\hobbes\all\games\ OS/2 games
\smce0004\hobbes\all\graphics\ OS/2 graphics
\smce0004\hobbes\all\miscutil\ Miscellaneous utilities for OS/2
\smce0004\hobbes\all\mmedia\ Multimedia-related
\smce0004\hobbes\all\printer\ OS/2 printer-related
\smce0004\hobbes\all\sysutils\ sysutils


  • Don't worry,
    i found out its OS/2 2.10, lotsa stuff on the cd!
  • 1994 is actually like 3.0/3.0Connect........
  • I got a pic of the cd and it says (C)1994 then in the readme file it says CDSHOWCASE FOR OS/2 2.10 or sumfin. but it also has the addon for windows 3.1
  • ok.....

    maby just a later remake for 2.1.

    the #1 to tell is: OS\2 WARP was 3.0 and up. 2.11 and down was just OS\2.
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