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Hey does anyone know of an application that lets you create a virtual drive and run an os on it. Like VMware Workstation but that is sooo <b>crap!</b> It keeps on telling me I don't have enough physical memory and it doesn't work. (fail)


-- JoE


  • There's Microsoft/Connectix Virtual PC (NOT ABW), or Bochs (

  • VMWare works runs NT4 Enterprise Server fine on my Pentium3 500mhz with 384mb. I assigned 64mb to NT4 and it works perfectly. What OS are you trying to install?
  • NT4 runs great for me, 98 and above is shit
  • Well... I don't think that there is any problem with my computers speed (I have a 2.5Ghz).
    And the problem is <b>not</b> the installing, its trying to boot the computer. (bounce)

    - Joe
  • what setting do you use for memory and stuff like that? Do you get a Windows error or a VMware error? if you get a windows error, you should increase your systems memory. I think you needed more than 256mb to run VMWare.
  • Yeh, it's a vmware error. I've set the avaible memory swap to <b>max</b> and increased the physical memory to <b>max</b> also but I still get the error.
    I've tryed to reboot like it tells me to in the error message but it's no different.

    - Joe
  • What IS the error?

  • Ok. Here is the error *(JPG format)*

  • Check what memory settings you have for the VM, try lowering it.

  • Nope it doesn't work. I might just try another one...

    - Joe
  • ....just get VPC
  • I use VMware and on older computers the guest OS tend to run like crap..but then again even on a new computer they run slower than normal. You do have a good speed computer. With my 2.8 GHz p4 HT the guests only get use of "one" chip. Try deleting that Virtual Machine and nake another 2k one. How much physical memory do you have? How much are you trying to give to the machine? Are you trying to run other machines at the same time?
  • The memory is set to 372MB (the max), I have tried lower but it still doesn't work. And no, that is the only virtual machine that i am running.

    - Joe
  • I'm getting really ticked at VMware, even when I tell them to use 64MB (I have 1024MB), it freezes Windows!

  • Well, stuf VMware. I'm moving on to VPC, just downloading it now... Hope it will be much better!

    - Joe
  • I use VPG and I never had a problem with it...
  • Eh? VPG? Dont you mean VPC...

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