Can't Access WinWorld website

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I can't access the winworld website for some reason. What is going on? I have tried both addresses (the .vze one and the long one)

the site says it is locked


  • OK, LOCKED is what it says every once in a while when Verizon backs up the files on their webserver, it never stays more than 2 minutes or so... just try again in a minute and it will work...

    Hey, at least theyre making sure they have bakups! lol
  • OK I see whats happening, its NOT unlocking,..... this is getting out of hand.... I think its time for a new webhost for the main site. Let me talk to Q and DuffDude about moving the HTML filez to my server...
  • Thatll be a bit of a load with the forum and FTP.

    I could setup an NT4 box and use that as a dedicated server. For just HTML files.
  • We're probably going to run it from DuffDude, since he uploads at ~100KB/sec
  • sweet, I wanna kick my ISP's ass for reducing from 100K to 256K.
  • Hey FishNET, theres always my server, I can host it.
  • Umm... well I would offer to, but the ShellNet Technology Services Server situation isn't that great right now. Also, it'd be a shitload of uploading, which I can't do. Too bad I can't actually <b>use</b> my 100 Kb of upload power... oh well.

    Please, Verizon, come to my area!
  • FishNet, can you give me the link to Windows 95 Origional?

  • ... dows95.rar

    Sites back, if it happens again ill call verizon
  • Yes! Verizon DSL has come to my area! Thanks, V!

    Come November, we'll be switching to DSL!
  • But, what speed do they offer there? I know MrClean lives ~2 miles from me and only gets 786K, and I get 1500K
  • 768K is OK, I was 800K once and it did the job for me, now Im 3000K and it does the job and more!
  • Oh really, well lets not forget this:


    3mbps just means you hit 100GB faster!
  • I'd sort of have to disagree with that.

    If people are going to download 100 mb, they're going to download it whether it takes 3 minutes or 10 minutes.

    Of course, If you have a continus stream of unbeliveably heavy traffic with a lot of downloading, yes you'll reach that faster.

    It all depends on the volume and what you're serving.

    How would I find out what speed they offer by me?
  • Call em to see the speed....

    Also, 3mbps will get 100GB faster, therefore he'd hit his bandwidth limit MUCH faster than someone with lets say 1mbps
  • Hmph... I guess so. But wouldn't it only stand to reason that they'd be serving for a less amount of time at that speed. Ah whatever, not like it matters.
  • WinWorld has a new home on my server!
  • Fishy, My Darling!!!

    I LOVE U

    You made the WinWorld Site work - (At the moment I'm crying in happiness!)

    Thankyou, soooooooooooooo much!!!!
    PLEASE KEEP IT ON YOUR SERVER!!!!! All the downloads work and everything. I really want to keep it whereever it is!!!!

    Thankyou so much!!!

    P.S. Where did the OS\2 downloads go? Also, can u get OS\2 Warp 3 or Warp 4 on the site? I want to try them out!!
  • So the bottom line is that Verizon sucks?

  • Most likely, especially the whole... LOCKED thing... im gonna call and ask about BOTH problems..
  • Q wrote:
    So the bottom line is that Verizon sucks?


    We can also conclude that people are wildly in love with Sir Fish.
  • We can also conclude that people are wildly in love with Sir Fish.

    Better then hating him!

  • Without me and my hosting, this place would've been run out of some guys basement using freewebs!
  • Well, maybe not THAT...

    So, Verizons hosting is POOR, but their DSL "owns"?


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