WINWORLD GOT A REAL DOMAIN!!! (no .tks here people!)

edited April 2004 in News & Announcements is WinWorld's new home on the web! (woot) Thanks to Mr.Clean for the domain!!! (bounce) (bounce) He actually spent the horrible $7 a year that we've wanted for a long time!! :|

Anyway, KICKASS! :cool: A DOMAIN!!!!! (dance)


  • FishNET650 wrote:
    Anyway, KICKASS! :cool: A DOMAIN!!!!! (dance)

    Doesn't Cartman always say "Kickass"? haha....
  • cool! A Domain! This really is the best place to get ABW on the web :D

    too bad it's still "under construction"
  • It is?

    Where? The GUIs will probably always be under construction.

  • noooo still under construction!!!!
    You might want to add a address for it to be redirected to
  • the new url
    is now up and operational everyone!
  • that damn link still redicts me to Fishnets server
  • Uhh yeah, thats what we do, we setup a domain to redirect to the site which is on my server...
  • mam693 wrote:
    that damn link still redicts me to Fishnets server

    What else would it do, host itself? Tricked you, we hacked the .COM server and are storing winworld on that, then we used url masking to make it look like it was on fish's server!

    ps: I was being sarcastic

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