Liquid Cooling



  • Um, I don't think so (May have forgotten). An ion is an atom that has lost or gained an electron so as to have a charge.

  • Erm... yea. Not sure about the combo thing, scrap that.

    The something doubled is supposed to equal the something else. If it doesn't, you've got an isotope. That's what I was thinking of.

    I think you're right, Q.
  • Isotopes are the elements that have the same proton #s (Hence are the same elements), but have different neutron #s (Hence different atomic weights).

    The doubling thing sounds familiar, moles of reactants come to mind...

  • LOL. MOLE! They mentioned that at the open house of this HS I was going to go to. My Dad knew what it was, lol.

    That HS has a big mole day celebration. They have a song and everything.

    I haven't learned about it yet in Jr. High.
  • Ahhh, Thank you Hageman!

  • Q wrote:
    Ahhh, Thank you Hageman!

    Is that a teacher? I thought you meant Hangman when you said that to me in an IM!
  • Hageman "owns" all other CHE teachers, he is THE BEST.

  • This is why I love to come here. In my uncomputer life{real world} I'm the smartest one I know. I hang around here because there's people here who know more than me and I can learn.
    Q wrote:
    Isotopes are the elements that have the same proton #s (Hence are the same elements), but have different neutron #s (Hence different atomic weights).
    That sounds perfect to me. It means that It's neutral.
    But I don't think it means no minerals. Perhaps it's just satuated.
    I really suspect it's just distilled water and they call it "Sterile Water" to sell the product.
    Probably makes no sense, I've been drinking.
  • Arg, should of payed attention during Science class...ah well, got a B anyway
  • Thump: I didn't quite get that... can you try again?


    PS. The Isotopes discussion and the Ions discussion were 2 seperate things.
  • basically what q is trying to say is generally the only elements or compunds that conduct electricty are metals and a couple of minerals.
    water is h2o hydrogen is a gas and sois oxygen niether of them conduct electrity so if i remember right from my science teacher (R.I.P. Mr Kerley 1956-2004) that means it doesn't
  • Right, pure water is nonconductive, if you make it ionic (self-ionization doesn't count, too few ions), then it will.


    PS. Your sci teacher died? Now I'm sad.
  • I liked my science teacher the last two years she's been teaching for awhile at my school.

    Sorry to hear about your science teacher.

    EDIT: Removed word that was inappropriate, since I hadn't refreshed this thread since last night.
  • I don't remember.
    It has to be distilled water I think.
    They just put it in little bottles labeled Sterile Water. It's not a conspiracy just a marketing ploy.
    I talked with someone who uses it often and was told the pressure cooked thing that is all they knew.
    It just looks more impressive to the unknowing.
    How else could you deionize water. Filters alone couldn't completely remove everything, even with the coconut charcoal whatever they call it.
    I think I copied and pasted the wrong post from Q.
  • Hmm... I see.
    Whatever the water is, water cooling is cool!
  • Whatever the water is, water cooling is cool!

    That's a dangerous assertion...

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