Internet in wfw 3.11

I am on the internet with a P133 in wfw 3.11 using an ethernet card and I have broadband. As a matter of fact I am writing this post from the machine it is set up on. I had lots of fun getting it running. Also, I still like using Dos\WFW 3.11 better than the newer windows. More stable than windows 9x and me. Well, i'm off to surf the net!


  • Would you mind posting a howto/walkthough on how to do that? I for one whould be VERY happy to know how.

  • WFW is SIMPLE to setup with TCP/IP protocol from M$'s FTP, it has integerated networking.

    Win31 on the other hand needs a dialer and oonly works on dialup
  • You can get Win31 on a TCP/IP LAN. Just have to install MS-client for workgroups and tell Win31 to use Lan Mananger 2.1
  • Yes, but you cant get the internet on it....I think, I never tested my theory with Win31 and Q....well, Q...I dont know why he never tried it. last time I heard about my idea, he couldnt get his laptop working with a 1.2GB HD after the old one died.
  • I've never tried it myself, but I've heard that you can get regular Windows 3.1x on the internet without dial-up, provided the proper DOS network drivers are set up.
  • anyone wanna try it?
  • Ok, how I got everything set up properly I found a lot of info from the following sites:

    These were very helpful for me so they should be of good use.
    If you cannot get the tcp/ip stack you need, I can email it to anyone who needs it.
    My current hotmail account supports 3 meg file attachment transfers so I can do a lot.
  • Meh you COULD upload it to my server so people can get it... ill make an account for that kinda shit if people want one.
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