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Apparently there is some trouble with the Dreamhost SMTP server, so errors may be coming up if you do anything that requires the forum to send you an email.

I'm trying to figure out what's wrong and am going to open a support ticket.


  • I have a better question, who has it set to Email on reply? Didn't Fish have to disable that a while ago when Verizon got suspicious of the floods of Email he was sending?

  • I just read on Dreamhost's site:
    We are experiencing connection issues with file storage server that
  • In the mean time, will whoever has it set to "notify [them] about replies" please DISABLE THAT?

  • Yes, that's getting annoying.
  • Yes we've been getting many of those SMTP errors just trying to
    get on the forum. I got two yesterday DEBUG MODE
    line 112 and the next one was line 132. There's been some
    down time as well. Good luck with it.

  • On the plus side, I haven't seen much SPAM!

  • There was about an hour yesterday where the forum was down, the plug was hanging out of the outlet for days, and I noticed before I went to work for the day, and mid-day, it somehow came out, I'm pretty sure the cat got to it.
  • Why don't you just install a SMTP on your server?

    It would be the easiest solution, that way you don't have to rely on external servers...
  • Because ALOT of ISPs, etc. SMTP servers automatically treat a home-based SMTP as a SPAM-source and nothing more. I stopped running a personal Email server when every other message I sent was bounced as a SPAM.

  • Verizon blocks SMTP. I've tried it =/

  • Verizon definitely doesnt block SMTP for me, cause I used it for AGES, but eventually Verizon thought it was just a spambot and started blocking it from me.
  • You can still send email with a blocked port 25 :P.
  • It's clearly obvious that numerous ISPs DO NOT like home running mail servers (Probably for good reason), just because they don't totally block it doesn't mean that we should take advantage of that and potentially get Fish's ISP really looking closely at him.

  • I never usually have any issues, the only one I did have was sending emails to 1&1 servers, and they didnt like me because my rDNS has "dynamic" in it.
  • I've never tried Eastlink since I've never had a reason to.

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