Blatantly SPAM names

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OK, I'm one of my paranoid cleaning fringes again. Checking ... &start=350 I find NUMEROUS rather blatant SPAM names with no posts. Anyone else think they could be deleted?



  • On the Swift forums, I deleted all names with 0 posts, so it's safe to delete.
  • if they are old accounts that have 0 posts, I'd say they're safe to delete.

    New accounts with 0 posts could just be a new comer that hasn't got up the nerve to post yet.

    Unless they have an obvious spam site in the profile, and a lot of spam bots have GMT -12 in the profile
  • They're all gone now, but I meant the names like "cigarettesforall" or the ones with "websites" like "ksdufyhfbsm,"

    I'm more reserved on possibly legitimate ones without any posts.

  • I'd just an SQL command to delete anything with a post count < 1, created before a certain date.
  • I think we've dealt with most of the offenders.

  • You know, you can insert a CAPTCHA verification for user signup and guest posting. If that doesn't work out too well, you can insert a basic math equation or a "What type of water is the Atlantic Ocean"
  • Haha, that just might work.

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