Canceled ie 6 install

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I got a CD from Micro$oft that installs Windows Updates for 98,98SE,ME,2000,XP and XP Pro. I put it in my 98 computer because its just been reloaded and i need the updates. It showed it was installing ie 6. I do not like ie 6 for 98 it caused trouble in the past. Now when starting up i get this error.
Error: Could not locate INF file 'E:\content\win9x\Win98SE\WSEresume.inf'

Is there anyway to stop this error? Its very fustrating. I do have some reg cleaner programs but not sure if that will work.


  • Look in the Registry under:


    Where * is anything. You'll probably see 4 or 5 'folders' (Run, RUnOnce, RunServices, etc). Check in there for anything suspiscous

    Also run MSCONFIG, and look at what's starting up.

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