Long-range ban?



    edited March 2007
    10.* to

    192.168.*.* and above = reserved
  • Isn't it 192.168.*?
  • Bash wrote:
    Isn't it 192.168.*?

    Yes it is ;).. BOD was wrong.. like always 8)
  • It *is* possible to make mistakes y'know :P
  • he is human.
  • I thought BOD was GOD? :P
  • That's in Russian (I think).

  • BOD wrote:
    10.* to

    192.168.*.* and above = reserved

    I believe some numbers in the 169.*.*.* are reserved as they are used in windows as a default when an IP address can't obtained.

    My IP address is 69.*.*.* but I think a blanket ban is a bad idea in general unless you know exactly who or what will be affected and it is worth losing contributers.
  • The SPAM has calmed down so much I think this has basically been dropped.


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