Deadly Tide

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Hey all,

Ive been looking for the Microsoft game "Deadly Tide":

I had a demo of the game but I cant find the full version.
Its quite old, and I think it is abandonware, but it looks like the game just doesn't exist anymore.[/img]


  • I believe the synopsys is 'Shoot anything that shoots you or has a yellow bracket around it'.

  • Yeah I know, Some sites said that the game actually was quite boring, But i liked the demo when i played it 4 years ago.
  • I used to have this game back when my 166 was top of the line. It was so cool, 4 CD's long. Back then it was unheard of. It had really cool graphics. Well, they probably suck now, but hehe good for nostalgia nevertheless.
  • Do you still have it?

  • Ahhh.... never thought that crappy game was made by m$
  • You sure it is made by M$ slash? I mean, it might've been, but AOE 2 wasn't created by microsoft, along w/ AOE 1, and Halo, for example. MS mightve helped...
  • They published those and gave financial support.
  • Ah, I got it.
    But, anyway, the game is shitty.
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