Email / Password Recovery [Fixed]

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After yesterday's lovely events, the DreamHost SMTP isn't working until Rioter "fixes" his account.

Since ka0s' server is Windows and doesn't have sendmail, I have to use an external SMTP server to send email. I was going to use Gmail but phpBB2 doesn't support TLS/SSL.

Now fixed, back to using Dreamhost for SMTP.


  • Or you could install a windows smtp server? :P
  • Yeah I've suggested that to him, but it might not work properly if Verizon filters port 25 too.
  • I can give it a try when I get home tonight... Im not sure what we did in the past honestly... Were we using Verizon's SMTP or my own?
  • I remember at one point or another, we were using Verizon's SMTP.

    Rioter is going to try and get the DreamHost SMTP working again later today.
  • It shouldn't matter if they filter 25 or not. Use port 26, it should work just the same...
  • Tox you can log in you know :P
  • No I couldn't.

    I was on my laptop and for some reason, the cookie expired and I hadn't saved my password.

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