Minor Site Tweaks

edited March 2010 in News & Announcements
1. I've replaced stars.gif and stars2.gif with PNGs, with a more randomized star pattern. PNG is now the only image format used on WinWorld, save for in the archives.

2. I've updated logo.png, removing the outdated "Version 4.0" text and clipping the fat bottom border.

3. News topics from the past 7 days are now displayed on the main page.

4. The location for Download Server #3 has been corrected to Roubaix, France.


  • Why PNG, not GIF?
  • And why do you think its more randomized? It looks very repetitive to me.
  • Because I created the new PNGs by pasting 15 copies of the old GIFs and rotating/moving them around to make it seem less grid like.

    The new PNGs are 512x512 instead of 256x256 so there will be less repeating as well.

    It's hard to notice, but when I made the change it was definitely noticeable.

    Old stars2.gif:


    New stars2.png:


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