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I'm getting Yellow Dog LInux 3.0.1 Sirus for my iBook. Any hint/helps?




  • Did it work?
  • Haven't started yet,

    I need Norton Drive tools or similsr to shrink my HFS+ partition to install YDL in a LInux partition.

    And I'm going to NY for a few days, I think I'll wait.

  • NT4 supports the PPC, maybe it will work?
  • Windows on a Mac?

    That's horrifyingly wrong!

  • I dont know if its HAL and BIOS compatible with Mac... but give it a shot! That would really kick ass! NT4 on a mac!
  • I heard it works with some minor hacking.

    Yellow Dog is RedHat based, so it should be cool.

    I would stick with Mac OSX but then again....Linux is so better. LOL.

    Windows NT is better than OSX....
  • It would REALLY kick some ass!
  • If anyone will consent to inform my of the loacation of OS 9 compatible utilites for the shrinking of Macintosh partitions, please do so.

  • Yes NT4 works on a PPC CPU but does not work on a Apple PC. IBM makes or use to make a PPC that was setup as basicly a wannabe SUN workstation. The BIOS / ROM in a Macintosh won't boot the CD or floppy boot disks. Trust me I thought about this also back when NT4 was still big and a friend of mine family were pro Apple users and he wanted a Windows PC so he could play the newer game instead of waiting six months for them. Now if you were smart and can get a hold on a ROM / BIOS image from one of theses IBM PPC systems and have a EPROM burner and pop it in a Apple it might work then, but you would need to have the same CPU as the IBM had and such.
  • hhmmmmm............

    I just saw an old IBM PPC for $15 on eBay :-)
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