WDL2 Outage + Updates

edited May 2010 in News & Announcements
It seems WDL2 is down at the moment. I am unsure how long it has been offline, however WDL1 and WDL3 are still functioning normally.

I've received a couple emails requesting serial numbers. I've added a link to a popular serial resource on the downloads page as well as in links. I've also added a link to the massive Evolt Browser Archive.


  • I noticed it was down like ~2 days ago, figured it was only temporary though and went back to wdl1. :S Dunno how long/if it was down before then though.
    Hadn't checked it since or I would've reported it.
  • I also noticed this yesterday... I havent gotten around to trying to figure out WHERE it went, but I plan to this week.
  • I've just "fixed" the Google Analytics code. Before it was only registering hits to the main page. I've changed it so all the pages (that load in the iframe) are tagged instead so we have more accurate stats.

    I've also removed that shitty hit counter.

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