WDL1 back online

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The primary wdl1 downloads server is back online. Thanks to the fucking moron who decided to hammer, new rules are in place now.

Your maximum of download requests are now 4 per hour. We will not lift this limit for you, no matter how much you beg.

If you encounter a legitimate bug with this system, reply to this topic with details.

This also doubles as an anti-hotlink system for people who love to hotlink to our downloads.

ADD: This will fuck with download managers. If this is a problem, don't use download managers.


  • I still say it's a shame stitch had to go to the trouble of implementing this because some moron thought hammering the server would be cool.
  • Yea, it sucks, I am having to move soon and go to dial up, so I would need to use a download manager soon,

    but I hate it with ass holes do shit like this, Goes to show there is lots of people with no life
  • Sucks that this had to happen.

    For those needing download managers, I can set up temporary FTP access to help you get the files you want. I only have 1mbps upload, but if you need a download manager I would assume you're not getting very fast downloads.
  • WDL3 now also has anti-hammer rules in place, these ones are a bit more download manager friendly. Maximum of three IP connections in total. WDL3 also has a bandwidth limit so you can't suck out everything.

    May consider an anti-hotlink thing as well.

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