WinWorld 5 Deployed

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I've spent the past few hours working on the new frame-free version of WinWorld, utilizing server-side includes. The entire site is valid XHTML 1.0 Strict.

I realize that there was already a WinWorld v5 a long time ago, but I'm going to ignore all those half-assed versions and just call this one version five.

I'm going to work on expanding and improving the site over the course of the next couple days, and hopefully get the download listings on both servers matched and under the new header. Doing this will require the time and cooperation with Rioter and stitch so I'm not sure when it will actually get done.

In the meantime, I welcome comments and suggestions.

A couple things I'd like to see/get done:

1. Guest posting CAPTCHA for WinBoards.

2. WinWorld header and menu above the download listings for WDL1 and WDL3.

3. Standardized download lists using SNIF. The current one on WDL1 is fine, but needs to be optimized. The date and description columns need to be removed, and the name column expanded so filenames are easier to read. I'd do this myself, but I don't know PHP so if I try to edit it I'll most likely fail or break it altogether.


  • Nice and clean design, also the site is faster now!

    Keep it goin' :)
  • Looking pretty damn good, I will say.

    With regards to SNIF, not sure what happened to the modified version I left on WDL3 but when I find it it should be modifiable easily enough.

    Downloads need a bit of collating which I'm prepared to do after 4 Nov. WDL1 has the old folder, which seems to have content others don't have.

    (edit, it's though the width needs fixing since it was designed with WB4 in mind)
  • I'm not sure what changes stitch made to his copy of SNIF to support his anti-leech/hammer script, so it won't be as simple as a straight copy over.

    Either way, permissions are a bit screwy with FTP account and I can't modify anything outside of the main site (downloads or WinBoards) on WDL1 so we'll need to wait til stitch has the time/motivation to fix it.
  • Excellent work! The flow between the site and the forums is really nice. Taking after Hypnos just a bit are we?
  • The stars arent random enough -- especially up top.
  • Ka0s wrote:
    The stars arent random enough -- especially up top.

    The stars have never been random. If I remember correctly, they are a tiled 200x200 GIF image.
  • Yes, it is. But look where it says "WinBoards Forum Index -> News & Announcements" at the top. NO big stars... just the single dots. We need to at least edit the image some.
  • Page: stars_bg.png

    Header: header_bg.png

    I thought they were fine, but I can try to add some more randomization to it...
  • The forum is cooler and somewhat faster!

    Also, I love the new WinWorld-Forums integration!

    Thank you all and keep the updates going!
  • Both could use more of the large stars....
  • Been awhile since I was here but yeah this palce looks pretty good, a more modern style.

    Oh my god it's full of stars....
  • Been awhile since I was here but yeah this palce looks pretty good, a more modern style.

    Kind of odd thing though, isn't it? A modern style for a site that hosts abandonware.
  • Yeah kind of a contradiction of terms I suppose but it is imo quite pelasing to the eyes.

    Also sos for posting in an old thread before :P

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