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Last month, I had time on my hands, was bored, so I decided to download the content on the WinWorld servers, reorganize everything, recompress everything into a unified format, remove duplicated crap, add a bit of new stuff, and so on.

A month later, I now remember that I have these files ready for uploading and for access to general public.

Files will be available on WDL3/Server Two sometime next week. All files are in the 7zip 9 (.7z) format. (Not 4.65!)

I'm not sure yet when the content will be available on WDL1/Server One since stitch or anyone hasn't replied to my thread on the Staff Forums yet.

Enjoy your 100% free repository. :P


  • New archives are now available on Server Two, downloads page can be found in

    ETA for content on Server One: *shrug*.
  • Right, update on the update (that makes little to no sense, oh well)

    Abandonware - 99% Complete
    - Applications - Done
    - OS's - Done
    - Virtual Machines - One or two to add

    Betaware - In process
    - Applications - As and when
    - OS's - In process
    --- PC - 3/5 done. Everything pre-XP is done. After that is last on the list ('Whistler' and above) Will need to re-obtain some of that stuff since stitch's archives on Server One were duff.
    --- Mac - Nearly done. Just got OS X 10.0 to do
    - Virtual Machines - All the ones I have are done.

    Server One will have the updated archives when it's cleared the health check. Until then it's being left alone.

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