December Site Updates

edited December 2010 in News & Announcements
1) The download listing for Server Three is now 100% integrated with the new site design.

2) I've updated the Downloads page to include a online/offline status indicator.

3) WinWorld now has a serials page. We still welcome submissions in the Official Serials Thread.

4) I've removed the search box since it's pretty useless on a site this small.

5) I fixed the metatags in the forum template.

6) The Analytics report for December has been uploaded to

7) I've removed link underlining and replaced it with a text shadow glow effect. I've also added a 1px text shadow to all text, making it much easier to read.

Bandwidth usage for Server Three:


Server One continues to be offline until further notice. We expect to have Server Two back online within a day or two.


  • server 2 should be back tomorrow. honestly, i'd do it tonight, but I just took an extremely hot bath after drinking and that wasnt a good idea...

    im gonna throw another HD in there to try to increase available space, then we'll have another 50M server available.
  • just remember to enable rdp or install vnc so we can fix/tweak shit as needed.

    besides that, all it'll need is Apache, don't need to bother with php/sql. ... no_ssl.msi


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