Server Two

edited December 2010 in News & Announcements back online, finally.

Some of the betas are still missing, but all the abandonware downloads should be there.

It's not as fast as Three but you can still get several Mbps from it downloading a single file.

The directory listing isn't customized yet so the title is wrong and the stylization is only on the first level.



  • "finally"? What was it gone for a week?

    Either way, it's nice to have a US presence again rather than only having a european server.

    It's supposed to be 50M up but it doesn't seem to be doing that... Then again, before the reinstall of everything it was strugglig to do 100KB/s
  • wdl2 may be down for a few hours within the next few days.

    i am upgrading it from:
      2.8GHz intel pentium 4 2GB RAM 100GB HD Windowx XP

      AMD Athlon II x2 4GB RAM 640GB HD Windows 7
  • So a new board and everything, right? Why didn't you just buy/build a new server, lol.

    I mean - if you're switching from an Intel Pentium 4 to an AMD Athlon II X2 - that alone is replacing most of the machine, is it not?

    Anyway though it sounds like a good plan.
  • It was a whole new system. I just had to transfer all the files over the LAN and it was done.

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