WinWorld VMs

edited January 2011 in News & Announcements
Although it's not quite as ambitious or exciting as the previous virtual machine related project - which proved to be unfeasible - WinWorld is now providing ready to use virtual machines for download.

As explained on the page here, there are both unpackaged and packaged versions, for those with or without VMware Workstation respectively.

I'm still preparing and uploading them, so I'd advise waiting another day or so before trying to download any. The unpackaged ones will be ready for download sooner than the packaged ones.


  • I've restored the ones Duff removed in the folder Miscellaneous because they are still useful.

    Duff can you not remove and change stuff just like that, at least let us know in advance on what you're changing.
  • Hmm, I don't recall deleting anything from there, everything was uploaded to a new directory. oops?
  • Well, I've done a sync and the old ones are in the Misc. folder.
  • This can be disregarded since I made an error preparing the packaged ones. The unpackaged files are now in /Abandonware Operating Systems/Virtual Machines/.
  • Bah, that's the syncs gone

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