WinWorld Improvements

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I've been tinkering with WinWorld for the past couple days, making minor cosmetic and usability improvements. The result of my tinkering is now live. Changes include:

1. Downloads section has been renamed Software Library.
2. Links in the navigation bar show a tooltip on hover.
3. Headers are now more vibrant and in a different font.
4. Share/AddThis feature is now properly placed in the footer.
5. Paragraphs of text have a solid background for easier reading.
6. The wording and grammar on some pages reworked and improved - About, Contact and Software Library in particular.
7. Behind the scenes changes to make things more organized for me.

Plus other things I can't remember.

In addition, I'm looking to replace our logo. It's served us well over the years but it's time for a change. Basically, if you have any creativity and Photoshop skill (I don't) and want to take a shot at making a new logo for WinWorld, go ahead and I might just use it.

Only real requirement is to try and stay with the general theme of WinWorld and WinBoards. I'm either looking for a replacement for the entire header (planet, text, Windows flag) or just the middle text part. I'd like to keep our slogan as well.


  • Seeing as this is an abandonware site, I suggest you using the "old" windows logo.

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