Server 2 config issues

The server 2 have configuration issues (the "cherokee generic page comes up instead of the file list), you should check that mirror's index.html page.


  • disalbed as it was raping my bandwidth; will sort through shit when i have time

    ADD: ok so here's the deal, spongebob (chicago server, wdl1), can not sustain the downloads. after the windows 8 fiasco, and the nice chunk of change that cost me, the decision was made to throttle the box. when I enable the downloads, the requests become so high that the box, including WinWorld/WinBoards, your download(s), my ssh session, my email, become so lagged they're almost (and at times, are) unusable.

    so until our normal download mirror returns this is how you will get your downloads. create an account on winboards, reply to this thread with what you want, I will make a private link for you and PM it. Most people will not bother going through this extra effort so for those who do, my workload will be manageable (this is a completely manual process), bandwidth will remain under control for the few more days until we get our normal mirror back.

    on that note I would like to give a big thanks to Rioter for providing the driving force behind WinWorld by the downloads mirror in the first place.
  • I'm going to ask Rioter for a dedicated account for WinWorld on Torrentflux and then start work on making torrents. Talk to me on IRC when you have time / feel like it @ stitch and Rioter.

    I'm going to start work on making the download pages better - no more simple iframes to directory listings, actual pages, eventually with info. Someone with more scripting knowledge might be able to improve my ideas, but basically it'll be categorized as it is now but into pages, and each download will be like:
    Main Page Title
    Subcategory Title
    DOWNLOAD NAME        SIZE            (Magnet DL Icon)(Torrent DL Icon)((HTTP DL Icon) 
    DESCRIPTION (eventually)
  • Still alive, even though I've been very quiet and in the shadows over the last couple of weeks/months(/years).

    WDL2 will be back in operation soon. I just need the files rsync'd over and then I can re-enable stuff.

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