Server One Back Online / JumboFiles Collection Offline

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Server One is back online.

It's been decided that from now on our servers will have a maximum number of connections per IP address, with each connection being throttled to a set speed, as of yet to be determined.

We feel it is necessary to implement this to help control bandwidth usage and ensure everyone has equal access to our library by reducing the impact of inconsiderate leechers who hammer the download servers with dozens of connections.

The majority of the files in the JumboFiles collection were deleted, most likely due to inactivity. As such I've marked the collection as offline, until I can find another host and get the files uploaded. This isn't a real concern though now that both our servers are operational,


  • Hi,

    Just wanna say thanks for a very interesting and resource rich site. Stumbled upon this place a few days ago, googling for Longhorn builds for a bit of nostalgia and I am glad I did. Used to be a bit beta obsessed back in the day and this site has reignited my interest. What started me off was a cd of NT5 Backoffice Server beta 2 that I found in a skip. Sadly,I dont have that cd anymore (cant find an iso of it either). Anyways, keep up the good work.

    All the best
  • Just out of curiosity, how would a client utilize multiple connections to the server to download files? Is that done automatically, if possible, by their web browser or download manager, or would they have to specify something? I have no intentions to leech from the download server, rather I'd prefer to know had I been accidentally before (which is unlikely, I don't download stuff very frequently, I have the stuff I need archived mostly).
  • Typically, you'd use a download manager to accomplish that. I don't think web browsers establish multiple connections when downloading.
  • Or you know, when you try and download more than one file at a time. I would assume that falls into the category of "multiple connections".
  • Ah yeah that's what I figured, though I assumed previously that downloading multiple files would just split the bandwidth used, effectively divide it among the files. But that makes sense that bandwidth is allocated separately for multiple connections.

    For this reason anyway limiting the bandwidth or speed seems reasonable and I mean everything here is provided for free so whatever makes it easier on your servers is fair for us.

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