Awkward: Compaq Presario C700 Notebook fixing itself?

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Today, when my brother unplugged the charger to the laptop, it didn't shut off, which should've since the battery was acting up, however, the laptop didn't shut off.

I was puzzled until I plugged the charger back in and the external IBM 2115-001 15" CRT Monitor (since the laptop screen is not working as of now) to see what was going on. The battery charger indicator was solid blue instead of flashing (meaning the battery couldn't charge in my perspective; according to the laptop); the battery started to go charge again... In addition, I cleaned off the battery terminals with my old, broken toothbrush (both the laptop terminals and battery terminals), which probably supposedly fixed the problem or the laptop is fixing itself O.o

Do any of you know that the laptop might have bad phases, or am I lucky I fixed the battery problem? Before I cleaned the terminals, the laptop would shut off after 10 seconds (a year ago), and after that, would shut off after disconnecting the charger (January, 2012). Then, the indicator was flashing, and said 1% available, not charging on the laptop (a few weeks ago). Then, today, the battery is starting to charge again. I think I saved $40 for a new battery, but the screen is still acting up. Do any of you know if the cable between the inverter board and motherboard is going bad, the board itself (external monitor still works on the fly), or a bad screen?
Cause I know a simple laptop screen cable is $5, the screen is $90, and the motherboard is $150 ($40 on this one site I found).

Specs of the laptop:
HP/Compaq Presario C700
2GB DDR2-667 Memory
Hitatchi 120GB Hard Drive
DVD Burner with Lightscribe technology (fixed it a year ago; can read DVDs & write on DVDs once again)
Broadcom 802.11a/b/g PCI-Ex Mini Wireless Card Integrated
Intel DualCore 1.8GHz
Intel Accellerated Graphics
Windows Vista Home Premium x86
15.4" WXGA Widescreen Panel (not working as of now) - up to 1280x800
3x USB 2.0 High-Speed Ports
Memory Card Reader (below the left side panel's USB Port)
VGA, S-Video/Composite External connections
HP OEM Lithium-Ion Battery
RealTek Fast Ethernet Onboard
56K/14.4K Phone and Fax Modem Integrated
HP OEM Charger
Antec Cooling Fan


  • The only way to know if the cable is bad is to open the laptop up and have a look yourself.
  • The only way to know if the cable is bad is to open the laptop up and have a look yourself.
    good thinking.
  • "good thinking."

    Well it stands to reason like, just have a look to get more info then you have a starting point.
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