Temporay Downtime for Mirror 1

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In short, forgot to pay yesterday, it will be back up shortly.


  • You missed a payment by a day and they cut it off? Not much leeway there...

    Back up now as far as I can tell anyways.
  • They send you repeated emails every week almost reminding you when it expires, I can't see how you'd forget.
  • Had wage payment issues due to the Natwest fuckup, didn't get paid until Thursday. Then Thursday/Friday had work all day, then got drunk during the night. Forgot to pay off the dedi. Though I remembered to clear my credit card. Odd.

    All back up now. Paid up for the next three months.
  • When did it go down? I've been downloading from it all night.
  • BlueSun wrote:
    When did it go down? I've been downloading from it all night.
    They cut it off automatically at 8:40 BST, and didn't get it up until I got up and paid for it at 13:00 BST.
  • I dunno, I was asleep. I kind of thought it should have been further along in the download but I thought it was just being slow as shit. Could have disconnected during the night and auto-reconnected.

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