Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server

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There have been multiple requests sent to me for this via private message.

Well, here it is!
Port 21
Username: public
Password : public

Please use an FTP client, *NOT* IE.


  • Um, doesn't WinWorld have this?

  • Someone was tired of your servers problems :P
  • Well, maybe you should host it.

  • Yeah.

    Does anyone know what it takes to run this Operating Sytem?

    Ive read on Microsoft that it needs a Pentium with 32MB RAM....But they also say Windows 98 needs a 486DX-II 66Mhz with 16MB RAM :shock:
  • NT was made for servers so it would take more then a 486, maybe a 486DX4 at 100MHz with 32mb ram. I would use a Pentium 133 with 64MB ram or higher for Term Server. Back at that time when Term Server was big I think most companys used dual Pentium Pros for this version of NT4.
  • I know this thread is reaally old but do you have another link?
    The winworld server has it but the most ive got is 14k and its at 3k a sec atm :|
    thx :)
  • That's probably all you're going to get from us...

  • Cannnot connect to that server, Fish!
  • Didnt you get NT4 TS off me? Your getting the clients right?
  • no, i am not going to connect there to get terminal server. Just to look what else is there!
  • LOL, like 8GB of MP3's and eCS 1.0
  • Still cannot connect there...
  • To MY server?

    Did you forget the :81 again?
  • To MY server?

    Did you forget the :81 again?
    Damn, not YOUR server! I meant Fish's server!
  • Oh, silly me
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