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:? Hi everyone. I installed Windows ME into Parallels/virtualbox and I cannot finish the installation without a product key. I obtained the copy from this website. Does anyone know of a working product key I could use? THANKS! E-mail me if you have one at


  • Please learn how to read.

    From the serials thread linked on the main site navigation bar:

    Windows ME:


    Windows ME Full Retail Serial Number: Gy9fq-2j9mr-pm78b-j9jct-x8rdg

    Windows ME Product key code upgrade 98 Serial Number: FYG4R-3RK8M-DJGPJ-9GTRY-Q7Q49

    Just installed windows Me on a very old laptop and this key worked for me •C2C8Q-2P36X-JHXPJ-9KQJT-BBGPT

    Windows ME B6BYC-6T7C3-4PXRW-2(Z)XKWB-GYV33

    Windows ME Update pack:

    DFT9R - G2886 - C2MDB - 4FPYM - 48PD2

    Windows Millennium ME Upgrade

    CD-Set: x05 - 60894

    JWH3C - WC37T - MC9T2 - 9XQ8G - FW39W

    B6BYC - 6T7C3 - 4PXRW - 2XKWB - GYV33

    HBTD9 - 6P338 - XT2MV - QBTTF - WPGGB

    RBDC9 - VTRC8 - D7972 - J97JY - PRVMG

    JWH3C - WC37T - MC9T2 - 9XQ8G - FW39W

    VKM8H - QDCH7 - YC9Y8 - V4G8F - QDB8J


    BVGVW - 9HPQT - T9KWT - K4FGQ - 7THW6

    (WinMillennium ME Dutch / NL)

    CKYQC - VM4WJ - 3Q3XH - CY4J8 - 6P3WD

    GYYKR - VP62W - VK7HM - 2BPFY - CBFH6

    (WinMillennium ME Danish)

    PRMVK - TC29W - RVXX7 - MW8X8 - XQPD3
  • Or if you really can't do it, get VMWare and use the Windows ME Virtual Machine which can be downloaded here.
  • Thanks so much! I installed Windows ME and most of the keys posted did NOT work, but the one listed above as used on a laptop recently and worked for you worked for me. Thanks!
  • B88DH-VQ89B-G4WWK-DCBP2-7B7PW workde for me in VMware

    P.S. Does anyone have the windows xp drivers for thinkpad t42p?
  • MEpc wrote:
    B88DH-VQ89B-G4WWK-DCBP2-7B7PW workde for me in VMware

    P.S. Does anyone have the windows xp drivers for thinkpad t42p?

    (Since anyone has not replied yet)

    My name is not "Anyone", but I should think that a first stop for drivers would be Lenovo: ... ad-t42?c=1

    BTW, here's the hardware manual: ... 20t42p.pdf

    EDIT: Might as well throw this in. When you are ready for it, Linux is ready for you:

    (Interesting that the author of that page discusses some of the same pointy stick issues that another person here on WW is having)

    (God, I'm so helpful I feel like a Boy Scout)
  • B6BYC - 6T7C3 - 4PXRW - 2XKWB - GYV33 worked for me

  • These serials ought to be on the official Serials thread...

  • For Polish Windows ME worked B88DH-VQ89B-G4WWK-DCBP2-7B7PW key.

  • B88DH-VQ89B-G4WWK-DCBP2-7B7PW worked for me.

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