Offer: Mac Performa Restore CD (6360/6400, OS 7.5.3)

edited June 2013 in Offers & Requests
I have an offer for you... it's the Macintosh Performa Restore CD for the Performa 6360-6400 series v1.2.


If you want to extract the whole file, you will need HJSplit to join the files together, and before you post it on WinWorld's Software Library Mirrors, there should be the Performa CD.iso file inside the 7z file, and the 7z file should say "Apple Mac OS 7.5.3 [Performa 6360-6400].7z. Just let me know if you uploaded it onto Winworld's software library mirrors, Okay! :D


  • holy cow!!! I thought I was the only one who still had one of these! I even have the other (black) disc, as well as the VHS tapes that came with my 6400/200 back in the day...i need to start digging some of that stuff out!
  • Thank you so much for uploading this! I almost lost hope after trying to find it for a couple of hours.
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