Kubuntu 13.04 cannot import OpenVPN file; other linux issues

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Hello everyone,
On my 32GB SanDisk Cruzer Glide Flash Drive, I have Kubuntu 13.04 installed on the flash drive that is connected to my laptop and I'm using the OS right now, and I am having problems connecting to my Smoothwall network from my wireless router, and before taking over Ubuntu 12.10/13.04, the OpenVPN did work, but I would have to re-import the file once every 4 days. I get the following message on the screen when importing the ovpn file:

I can still connect to my network via Ethernet or to my Server that is acting as a Wireless Hotspot, but I need to test the network to see if I can connect to my firewall when I hook up my Cable Modem to my firewall and the wireless router to my firewall.
Another issue: my old Pentium-based machine, running on an Abit AB-TX5 motherboard, Lite-On DVD Burner, 4GB SanDisk CF card, a CF to IDE adapter (expansion slot type), 200GB Maxtor Hard Drive, AMD K6-2/300 (Pentium MMX-based) 256MB SDRAM PC-133. The computer has Windows XP Pro (32GB partition, 60GB Data), and the rest of the 200GB Hard Drive has 1GB swap, and the rest for the /tmp folder. And the CF card has VectorLinux Light 6 installed, uses 512MB for swap, 512MB for the home folder, and the rest for root. Windows XP seems to load the printers and print to them and connects to the server all the way, but VectorLinux cannot connect to the server's Web page, but pings to it, and I cannot print to the printer(s) at all, but I can add them to my Kubuntu machine without problems.

My smoothwall firewall has ports opened for connecting between the machines, just in case, but when I try to connect to the server via a web browser, like FireFox, I get time outs every time.

Does anyone know how I can fix these problems?
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