ASUS X54C-RB01 Won't Power Up the first time

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Hello everyone, my ASUS X54C-RB01 laptop is not turning on the first time, and the diagnostics that I did was the following: hard drive, memory, motherboard, fan/vent, and other diagnostics, everything passed. I have no idea what the problem is, but I think it's either the motherboard firmware is incorrect (might be that problem) or something else. Do any of you know what other problems are, or is it just the one I mentioned?

Thanks for your help.


  • Update #1: Right when I pressed a certain key combination, the BIOS went from build 210 (latest one) to 205 (original BIOS that was on this laptop), and still did not work, until I updated to build 207, a little bit buggy at first (started the second time), and I updated to 208 (fingers crossed), and booted the first time when the laptop was powered off for a certain amount of time, plus holding the power button in without the battery and AC adapter for 30-45 seconds, plugged in the AC adapter, and fired up the first time, same with the battery, but when I do a restart, still won't boot the first time, but it's in working progress. I figured it was a BIOS bug and a firmware bug (reverting back to build 205 deleted the buggy firmware, and 207-208 updated the firmware), but the overheating problem (goes up to 60C) is still there, but I'm planning to buy a cooling system for this laptop.

    More updates coming soon about the progress of this laptop.
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