Howto: Make a request the proper way (READ THIS FIRST!)

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I decided I'd make this sticky based on some things I've seen requested in the past few years.
One thing I think should be made clear. Winworld, nor its users have massive piles of abandonware laying around that they can just image and upload whenever someone asks for it. Other factors are also that the administration all have full time jobs outside of here and do not have the time to immediately upload something whenever someone asks. Times it might take months, maybe years to even find a piece of software.

Remember Winboards has a 0 moderation policy. If you see others reply with facepalm image macros based on the wording of your request, you're doing it wrong. Keep attention to the number at the bottom right corner of your post. It's your post karma. If it's below zero, edit your post, rephrase your request and try again. (If outside this subforum, your post is seen as garbage by other users.)

Few things to keep in mind:
    1. Do not demand a piece of software. "Give me download link now" is a good example of a demand. 2. Double check the software library here first before asking. 3. Sometimes you can find software easily within the first page of a search engine. 4. Try to be polite with your requests. If you were taught proper table manners as a kid, you should be able to be polite as well. 5. Post your request once and once only. 6. Do NOT harass the administration with repeated emails demanding download links. A year ago, I had one person go as far as bombing me with 6 emails a day for a piece of software I found on the first page of a search. He stopped doing that when I made my mailserver send his emails back to him 20x over. 7. Winworld is an
abandonware site. We will not honor requests for software that is currently in support by its developers nor software that is still massively used. This also includes keygens, serials (such as VLK keys), etc. to software still currently supported. If you are unsure of whether a piece of software is supported or not and if we are willing to honor that request, first look below at the list to see if we are not honoring it, and if you don't see it, always check Wikipedia to see if its supported still. The only exemption to this is betas, and we will attempt to honor requests for those. As a good rule of thumb, try to avoid requesting anything made after 2002.
8. Winworld is winworld. We are not other sites. Do not request software with the reason that exists on another site that has closed membership. Your topic will be locked and ignored by the staff.
9. If someone provides an offer, don't spam demanding we process the upload as quickly as possible.

For future reference, software that we will not honor requests for automatically are of the following:
    Windows XP - Currently in support until April 8, 2014, will have large userbase for at least several more years. Wait a few years after support has expired before asking about this. This includes XP 64-bit edition and Server 2003.
    Versions of Office newer than 2003 - Support for Office 2003 ends on April 8, 2014. Support for Office 2007 ends on 10/10/2017. 2010 or 2013 -you'll have to wait a decade or more.
    Other versions of Windows: Support for Vista ends on 4/11/2017. Versions such as CE should be checked via Wikipedia.
    Any version of Installshield - Repeated demands for this software from a user since 2010 has caused us to decide to NOT offer this as a download. Anyone requesting it will be automatically banned.

    For those who might still not catch the drift, here's some examples:

    Good Example:
    Does anybody know where can I find the Borland C++ 5.01 Patch 1? Thanks in advance!
    Hi Guys,

    Hope you can help. My fathers old Packard Bell Club 75 is being retired but he still wants the familiarity of the gui for Money 99 for his finances. I am in the process of putting Win98se on his Vista laptop using VirtualPC2007 but the Money 99 install cd is nowhere to be found. I have tried looking in the usual places online with no luck. Apart from ebay I am stumped.

    Anyone with any links or could it be added to the archive?

    All the best

    What not to do:

    User demands a specific floppy disk image but phrased the question so off that nobody really had a clue what he really wanted. (ignore the fact I stated that no Win 95 ISOs are bootable, I was wrong at that)

    User demands installshield repeatably for the past 3 years:
      Demand 1 2 3 4 5 6 (And possibly more I can't find)
      most recent demand
        Now we are looking for InstallShield3 and earlier.
        Upload InstallShield3 and earlier!
        And the exact version of InstallShield I'm looking for is Answer me if anyone found it!
        PeladoFeo wrote:
        And the exact version of InstallShield I'm looking for is Answer me if anyone found it!
        I miss those InstallShield3-based installers! :(
        Remember, if anyone found InstallShield3, answer me!
        They're impossible to find, I'm not the same guy requesting installshield

        If you follow the good examples, we'll try to find that software if we can (it does take time). If you post something like the examples of what not to do, don't expect us to help.
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