Laptop power cycles all the time...

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Hello everyone:
I have an ASUS X54C laptop running Kubuntu 13.10 64-bit on a 60GB HDD (old Xbox 360 HDD), and Windows 8.1 Pro on the 320GB (25GB for recovery, 125GB for Windows 8.1 Pro, and the rest for Data) using a temporary external HDD case (3.5" HDD enclosure), and the laptop power cycles every time I turn it on, save settings in the BIOS, restart, and so on.

Here's the following hardware I pulled out/looked at to see what the problem is:
Toshiba 320GB HDD - no problems (Windows 8.1 Pro)
Hitachi 60GB HDD - no problems (Kubuntu 13.10)
HL-DT DVD Burner - no problems
Keyboard - slight key problems due to crumbs (nothing serious)
Screen - works without issues
CPU Fan - won't spin

Is the CPU Fan the criminal for causing the power cycles? I noticed my laptop gets hot, but doesn't shut off surprisingly (one time it did).


  • If it's not spinning, then it WILL be overheating and shutting off
  • ampharos wrote:
    If it's not spinning, then it WILL be overheating and shutting off
    True. I have a laptop cooler attached all the time, and it seems to do the job. Just waiting for the new CPU/GPU fan with heat sinks to come in the mail that I purchased on eBay a while back (2 days ago).
    Edit: Got the new cooling fan and heat sink in the mail today, and the fan won't start when powering on; the laptop still power cycles on, off, on, off, on, off, on (full on), and the fan spins when I force spin the fan with the keyboard detatched (not unplugged).

    Might be the motherboard... :/
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