Request: McAfee Nuts And Bolts 98

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Does anyone still have this software?
If so, please upload it to the FTP.
Thanks! :)


  • The only thing I can find about this program is that everyone said it was terrible....
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    It is included in McAfee Office 2000:

    Yes it's a big bump but I found it nonetheless for future reference. And so are these testimonials (from

    Nuts and bolts is an evil collection of programs.

    EVIL I TELL YOU, EVIL!!!!!!!!

    NO - you DON'T want N&B...
    I had it, and it fucked everything up on my system.
    Stay clear of this EVIL...

    Nuts and Bolts 98 is terrible, in my opinion. That's why Wal-Mart sells the CD for $9.99! The original Nut's and Bolt's for Win95 was great, but the new version for Win98 causes alot of system problems. It was being made when McAfee sold alot of it's software rights to Network Associates and was not given the attention it needed to be a good utility. I used to have it, but traded it for something else. If you do get it, there is a patch available for download to >help fix some of the bugs. Be sure to get it.

    It also includes Y2K Survival Kit 1.0...

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