[REQUEST] Windows 95 Portuguese

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Hello. :D

I collect abandonware of my language (portuguese), because I live in Brazil.

I have the Windows 95 (upgrade version) downloaded from library, but I like to have too the bootable version, the version I not found on library. (yes, the version with boot menu).

I already searched in the Google or "pirate sites", but nothing found.

Anybody with links or could add this to library? Thanks!


  • I see several in /Abandonware Operating Systems/PC (International)/ and none of them say upgrade.
  • Estou procurando o Windows 95 RTM 13 ou 14 disquetes 3,5 em PT-BR. Alguem sabe aonde acho? Aqui no site está como BR mas quando baixo vem em EN. Gostaria em formato IMA ou IMG.

    I am looking for Windows 95 RTM 13 or 14 disks in 3.5 PT-BR. Anyone know where to find? Here is the site as BR but when it comes down in EN. Like in IMA or IMG format.
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