Request: Terminal Services Client 5.0 (and some other ones)

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Looking for the older versions of tsclient - I have the redist from NT4 (on the CD) XPSP2 so far, and there are newer ones, but haven't seen one from Windows 2000 yet.

Also interested: older (pre-2.x?) versions of MS Comic Chat.


  • Here's their directions on how to install it for windows 2000....

    To install the 32-bit Terminal Services client, do the following:

    Insert the Terminal Services client disk into the floppy drive of the client computer.

    Yes... it honestly starts with inserting a floppy disk.... but hey, it looks like you can build said disk from a 2000... server?
  • Once it's installed, it's available in SYSTEM32\clients\tsclient. I can use the net directory to install without floppies.

    The UI is the same as the 4.0 version, but it has the interesting property of being able to connect to protocol 5.x clients, as modern Windows dropped support for the 4.x protocol.

    Just some useless trivia.
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