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We have a new SSL certificate and it's being enforced across WinWorld. All non-https links will automatically redirect to their secure equivalents. We have also migrated the boards and site over to the new server which is hosting the site as well as primary mirror #1. There may be random short board closures and a reboot or two while I finish a few things up and do a few other maintenance tasks.

If you see a SSL error or account issue do let us know. You'll see your location bar's SSL notification show a mixed content error here and there. That's usually due to linked images on the boards that are http:// - You can use GoPut.IT to upload images which will be accessable via https://


  • Got an invalid certificate notification from Firefox. Is that a bad thing?
  • Got an invalid certificate notification from Firefox. Is that a bad thing?

    You shouldn't. It's worked fine on my pale moon, firefox 30 (OS X) and IceWeasel on Debian.

    The certificate is from StartCom and that's in almost everyone's CA store by now. You might have issues if you're on a super-old version of XP.

    Regardless take a screenshot of the actual error on the certificate.
  • I also got an invalid certificate error. I am using a spare XP computer that has the Atom version of Pale Moon. I am guessing if I use a different computer I should be fine.
  • I got an SSL error about a few days ago on Firefox 31.0, but now it's gone.
  • If you use XP, make sure you've applied the root certificate update. If you haven't, get them here: ... x?id=38918
  • Most likely that would be due to root certificate or another certificate is missing from certificate tree. You may need as ampharos said to update root certificates (Though there's an updated version here)
    The certificate tree should have the following certificates in this order:

    If they were the same and the issue's still there, although it might not be the cause but you may need to change to , as I remember some browsers moaned about that due to CN is
  • I just noticed I don't have an SSL notice in IE. I see it for other sites, but not WinWorld. The padlock flashes, but then disappears.
  • For those who have had SSL warnings that looks to be because I configured WinWorld's SSL in the web server with only the WinWorld certificate data and not the authority chain certificates from our SSL vendor StartSSL. Older operating systems might have the root certificate authority but not the newer classification certificates built-in. These can be provided with a chain ( with our web server which i've just updated. Newer things like Win7/8, MacOS 9 and modern Linux have these all built in and pose no warnings.

    These classification certificates correspond with StartSSL's Class 1-4 level of service: - The root is followed by the class followed by our WinWorld certificate.

    For the folks who have issues please try again and report any successes.

    If anybody's in need of an SSL certificate I really like these guys and think they pose a great alternative to the otherwise giant cash-scam of SSL. SSL is not a perfect mechanism but at least their Web of Trust tries to introduce a model based on the PGP/GPG style method of signing keys (well, client certificates).

    tl;dr it was a concatenation of 3 different certificates (root, class, WinWorld) and a restart of nginx. Should be fixed now.
  • No more certificate problems.

    Good work as always stitch.
  • Works fine on my Windows 7 desktop.

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