[REQUEST] Visio, any versions

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We only have Visio 2.0 - we're missing any actually Microsoft versions of Visio, and 3.0 from 1994, off the top of my head.


  • It might be possible to source Visio 3.0 from here.

    According to Wikipedia, the following versions of Microsoft Visio exist pre-2000.
    Wikipedia wrote:
    Visio v1.0 (Standard, Lite, Home)
    Visio v2.0
    Visio v3.0
    Visio v4.0 (Standard, Technical)
    Visio v4.1 (Standard, Technical)
    Visio v4.5 (Standard, Professional, Technical)
    Visio v5.0 (Standard, Professional, Technical)
  • I have Visio 3.0, but it's installed on a butterfly - no media.
  • I've found visio 4.0 on vetus looks like 12 3.5" floppies. I'll test it out and re-package it up later when I get home.
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