1 month into new WinWorld

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Hi All. It's coming up on a month since our launch date (August 30th) and two months today since I announced the new site to the rest of the administration. Anything that existed before that announcement was barely usable 'play-code' if you will. The beginnings of our custom-built, advanced infrastructure were rolled out after roughly 2 months of serious development. This has been a concept that's been in the vision of the staff, in one form or another, for years.

With the help of our members, we were able to expand out our library contents. At the time of writing, we have accumulated the following in a month's time:

* 201 new downloads (some are still in processing)
* 602 screenshots in the gallery
* 15427 words of information for products

This is true teamwork. As we work to expose ourselves to more folks idealy we'll start to see more elligble VIP members pop up. For those not in the VIP group now, please keep posting more topical, informative information and posts to WinBoards and should someone on staff feel you're suitable for VIP, we will invite you in. If there's information you feel should be on our home page please do make a topic and a VIP can add it in.

The site is still not "done" and is in an indefinate state of development. Things we have changed per user input:

* Brighter grey shades of text
* Proper heading usage
* Movement from bootstrap px; fonts to em;
* Pagination and reformatting of the applications library
* Downloads listed out in a table
* Screenshots have thumbnails now
* Breadcrumb bars across most pages
* A typeahead search bar is implemented

Things in the pipeline:

* Make the search bar a real search bar
* proper phpBB theme
* Return of WinOpinions and more references pages
* Video Demonstrations
* WinWorld Cloud

I've also located a fix for the board situation with the POST data not sending a proper redirect. It will involve a maintence period while I do the data migration. We will have more flexibility, eliminiation of a database system in play along with SSO support once this is complete. I am hoping to have it handled later this week.

Here's our one month in stats. You can see we are clearly going places:
(The orange is the last month on old site, blue new site)

Total Sessions

Total Page Hits

Total Google Impressions

I've appointed SomeGuy to the staff to assist with the influx of downloads. I will be asking him to give a hand with reviewing the large amount of CP/M material we have been donated as soon as I push it up to wdl1.

Please keep all the suggestions coming and keep up the good work on the site folks. We had a VIP discussion about the Internet before the likes of social media and mass-published SEO crap - let's make WinWorld the complete opposite of that.


  • Congratulations stitch. It must be quite a feat.
  • At this rate we'll be the legacy software giants by 20XX.
  • At this rate we'll be the legacy software giants by 20XX.
    I would argue we already are.
  • Kirk wrote:
    At this rate we'll be the legacy software giants by 20XX.
    I would argue we already are.
    Well shit. I was just looking at the line graphs. The numbers say a lot more than them graphs. Maybe we're already in 20XX.
  • As often-absent founder, I'm going to take the opportunity to thank everyone involved in making the new WinWorld happen. Not just the staff, but everyone who's contributed to our new product pages and software library, as well as providing constructive feedback to help improve the new design.

    I am so happy to see that a little site I started as a tween in 2003 has evolved into a website with an active community with an intelligent userbase that makes quality contributions. I never imagined that happening, and it never would have if not for the numerous people who have helped over the years, both those still here and long since gone (KDog, who designed WWv3, etc).

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