Hy guys, I was just woundering if anyone knows where they can get a copy of linspire 6. I tried useing the linspire 2 download and it was corupted and does not work with virtualbox with the vdi witch does work and I am not complaing as I know that winworld has no garuente, but I am looking for the last version of linspire. I thought I would ask on this forum as it is considered abandonware and should be albe to fit in the rules of winworld. I just find Linspire instersting and want to use it.


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  • Is Lindows/Linsprie really not available anywhere else? I'd forgotten that had some non-open bits.

    I've got original CDs for Linspire 4.5 OEM and I might have v5 somewhere.
  • While I found torrents on diffrent sites so far they are useless as there is littery no one seeding them anymore. I gave up after waiting three days of trying to find a seed. So far winworld is the only site to have an iso image that can be downloaded.
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