Two Rivers

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The EPA has ultimately ended up levying fines against WinWorld due to excessive pollution in the river. As a result the river pollution has been split:

The River Delta: This is the public access river that is kept with truly hillarious threads, threads highly relevant to WinBoards culture or anything that's just a really really good example of what not to do.

The River Chicago: This is where all of the posts go that are just outright degrading to read. If you find a topic or a post moved away it's likely in here because it's of notoriously awful quality that we don't feel it's fit to be shown on the boards publicly. This river is only viewable by Administrators and VIP.

Remember that Intellictually stimulating discussion is the policy of WinBoards and anything outside of that will be canidates to be dumped in one of the rivers. The staff of WInBoards retains the right to reject any topics or posts as they see fit and that membership or posting privileges, or privileges to use WinWorld as a whole, are a privilege, and not a right you have, and this privilege can be revoked at any time we see fit.

For those joining us from the Beta Archive please note that 97% of their topics and posts would be river material on WinBoards. Please use your brains.
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