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I'm currently moving over to a new Hetzner server as we have overgrown several aspects of our current box.

The new box is an i7 2660 (from our current i3) with 16GB RAM (from the current 8GB) with 2x3TB disks in RAID 1 (compared to a standalone 1TB disk now). The new box affords me additional IPs and an unmetered 1gbit uplink.

I'm rushing to have the move finished by the time the current OVH bill is due in 2 days, so you will see random breakage until this is complete.


  • if it means we can hold more Software and stuff then WOOT WOOT. but may overall reaction to this is

  • Good luck with the move!

    I'll hold off editing any entries until the move is complete... juuust in case :)

    There's currently no RAID? Ouch.
  • Good luck with the migration :wink: . A quite nice new base to resist on.
  • Nice.

    Hetzner have got it nailed for a good price when your priority is bandwidth and storage, thanks to their auctioned servers.

    I made the move myself from OVH to Hetzner for the Team Gnome server about a year ago.
  • Yes hounsell they do and the server auction is where this came from. I wanted to load Alpine Linux onto this and their rescue/virtual KVM thing is impressive but I don't think either's roboust enough to help me bootstrap that installation. So I have chose Debian instead. I will be holding off on using jessie for the time being due to systemd and will keep this release on wheezy. I don't really expect any form of priority support at that price point; which is fine because I manage my shit, all I might need here and there is a rack monkey to hook up a CD. I could have probably tried that for Alpine although I didn't feel like chancing on a 1-3 hour wait for that to happen, ya know?

    No, SomeGuy we were not on RAID and things can happen due to that. Between all of the staff we should have backups of everything should the need to restore ever arise but ya know, hope it never comes to that? Having RAID1 now is a lot more peace of mind in that regard.

    A good chunk of the reason for buying this box is so I have somewhere to move GoPut.IT. This is on a VM on a service that has generally been stable but lately it's been flapping like hell and I'm pretty sure it's due to dumb kids on the node I'm on attracting DDoS. Regardless it was a free VM tossed to me by an ex-employee so I can't really complain too much. I couldn't move this to the OVH box as they do not allocate more than 1 IPv4 on kimsufi.

    We have ample space for growth on both sites along with the ability for me to toss a few one-off small things up.

    The downloads rsync completed while I was sleeping and right now it's finishing up grabbing the rest of our scratch folder. I'll be moving the site momentairly and will put up relevant notices on the site as I go along. This should be an easy transition which you shouldn't notice too much.
  • Thank you for your patience; web services are now live on the new server. We are still working on restoring FTP for contributions and EMail.
  • The migration was somewhat delayed as I had to work last night. There was some corruption in the database and I ended up having to clear it out and reimport it overnight. The downloads are now fully working and the ftpd has been restored for contributions.

    I'm currently working on migrating over staffmail and until that's complete mail will still be more or less out of service.

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