Microsoft BOB

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Any got a digital copy of microsoft BOB?


  • Yes, go look in the 'Library' section of this website. It is over there with all of the other software we have. Don't need to ask on the forum.
  • I guess I need to fully flesh out that search box...
  • The search box is not working for me. A direct link would be nice.
  • Well, here ya go:

    You can also browse all applications by using the page select bar at the bottom. And you can also search for pages on this site using Google by starting your search query with

    For example: ... by+license

    But, yea typing in "Microsoft Bob" in the search bar here only lists a few unrelated items.

    Since I am thinking about it, I also noticed it can't deal with words that may or may not be compounded. Such as if I type "New Word" instead of "NewWord" then it won't find it.
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