Matt Whelan's Compiler Kit

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I have been watching eBay for the program "Matt Whelan's Compiler Kit".

This was a program that converted dBASE IV code to Clipper code.

Anyone with any links, or could it be added to the archive?

Many thanks,



  • From what I can see on the back of this image, "Matt Whelan's Compiler Kit for dBASE IV" is part of the CA-Clipper 5.3 for DOS Upgrade package. This does not seem to be included on the version here on Winworld.

    Does anyone have the CA-Clipper 5.3 for DOS Upgrade CD-ROM Version?


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    Interesting. I have Clipper 5.3 Upgrade, but the floppy version, and it most definitely doesn't have the dBase IV compiler kit. Dunno about the CD version (and I'm not sure that such a thing even exists, TBH). Also, what I read from this picture is:

    CA-Clipper is supported by productive solutions...

    • CA-Clipper Tools

    • CA-Clipper / Compiler Kit for dBase IV

    In other words, the compiler kit (and CA-Tools) are separately sold products, not included in Clipper 5.3 . I could be wrong, of course, but the contents of my Clipper 5.3 package supports my view.

    P.S. Oops, my mistake, CD version of this upgrade apparently exists. Still, I don't think it contains this kit (and CA-Tools too).

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    I got a look at the contents of the CD, and you are correct, it does not contain either the Compiler Kit for dBase IV, nor the CA-Tools.

    Guess I'll keep watching eBay for a copy.


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