Request: Windows NT 4 RUS

I'm looking for Windows NT 4 Russian. A google search yields nothing, and the Software Library doesn't have it either. I really don't care for the service pack, it's being used in a non-produdctive environment.
Any leads? Or does this even exist...


  • I have WKS version of it with CD-ROM ISO format.
    But I need verification.
    Also I must upload it to ftp to contribute.
    So if you're ok, you must wait for until my contribution is accepted.
    (I can't link the download URL directly. But I'll contribute it on ftp if it is ready to upload, sorry.)
  • I've uploaded Windows NT 4.0 Workstation (Russian) on ftp.

    *Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Workstation (4.00.1381.1.sp1) [Russian].7z

    This Russian version is with SP1 intergrated.

    (Checksum Information of ISO file)

    SHA1 : da3077521de3f68b3085aae529bacc720499e16b
    MD5 : 16282f56d58841cd712159f847a697e4
    ExclCRC : 7A5301A4
    AutoCRC : C948412B

    *This is identical to MSDN's one.
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